An awakening - part 1

Developing spiritual awareness and strengthening your healing potential for others with Michelle

Saturday 5th September 2020

Online from 1.30pm-3pm

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Includes yoga philosophy, increasing your intuition, aura reading development.

Investment - $50

Urban Retreat

A Sunday morning of;

Kundalini Therapeutics mindfulness

restorative yoga and

a healing sound bath meditation.

Date to be announced soon

9am - 12.30pm

Need time to relax?
Feeling stressed?
Needing some ‘me’ time?
Feelings of anxiety or overwhelmed?
Join Leesa and Michelle for a half day retreat.
In the nurturing energy of the space we have collectively created at Yoga 101, give yourself some time to rejuvenate and renew the connection of mind, body and soul.
You don’t have to have any yoga experience. Our retreat is designed for complete restoration guided by 2 highly qualified teachers 🙏🏻


Tickets available soon

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Testimonials from our Wellness Retreat in Northern NSW....

"We went to the retreat no knowing what to expect. We weren't regulars to yoga or meditation and both live a stressful and high paced life.

Life is short. So why not take ourselves out of our comfort zone and enjoy the benefits of yoga, meditation, healthy/clean eating, self reflection and quality company.  

The food was amazing! The company divine and the surrounds peaceful.

This retreat was just what we needed to turn our lives around.  

We have returned home with a new sense of purpose, relaxed and clear of mind. 

Thank you Michelle for your care and inspiration. You really make miracles happen!"


Samantha and Madi

"I have been on quite a few retreats, however this one with was next level, with the focus on detoxing the body and mind, learning and practising many different tools to help us clear a path towards connecting to our true selves so we can live a more peaceful, balanced and fulfilling life.  Set in a magical rainforest with beautiful rooms. a warm and friendly dining/communal area with a sun drenched balcony, the scene was set for us to be able to take a break from the busyness of life and go inward.  Michelle guided us through many different classes focusing on moving our bodies in a safe and gentle way, tailoring the movements to benefit each of our different body types and any limitations.  A bit of dancing and singing always makes the soul feel happy and free too!

Each day was set out in a clear and detailed itinerary that so we knew what was ahead, and could choose what classes or workshops we participated in, all of which were facilitated in Michelle's usual light-hearted, inclusive and fun way.  We learnt about tools to help us access our own inner wisdom, harnessing and protecting our energy and discovering the untapped potential and power that we all have already within us to manifest our dreams.  A luxurious massage and an afternoon at the magnificent on site day spa was absolutely divine, enjoying use the sauna, plunge pool and hot spa to help us relax, detox and rejuvenate together. Truly a week where every part of our being was supported, nurtured and nourished, with our personal chef delighting the taste buds with delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We couldn't believe that nutritious vegetarian food could look and taste so good!

Every morning started with an option to go on a guided walk with Bec, and then either gentle yoga in the magnificent octagonal room, or Tai Chi on the soft grass looking over the magnificent Mount Warning, watching the sunrise above the mist.  In between our workshops, there was plenty of quiet time for journaling, reading, relaxing by the magnificent magnesium pool, or enjoying the company of our fellow retreaters.  To experience this with my daughter Chelsea and watch her and others gain confidence in healing our own bodies, hearts and minds was a truly life changing gift that we are so so grateful for.  We became a tight knit family where everyone felt safe to open their hearts, to share and feel completely supported to simply be themselves.  New friends made and existing friendships deepened, with women that we can continue on our journey with back at home, and help to lift each other up towards reaching our goals."


"I had such a great time on retreat. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It was a perfect balance of learning, yoga, tai chi, socialising and silent time. 

Michelle is a fun loving and trustworthy soul who supports each and everyone person individually. Very powerful retreat" 🙏Celeste







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Bali Orphan Centre

"In Bali, I had the opportunity worked closely with the children at the Bali Orphan Centre.
Together we practiced English and shared many laughs.
The children attend the Orphan Day Centre when one or both parents have passed away. The centre funds each child’s education, food and health needs with the support of sponsors."

YOGA101 and our community have been so generous in donating enough money to sponsor 4 children to go to high school next year.

We love to see 100% of funds going directly to the ones who need it most :) 

Bec xx

Testimonials from Bali Retreat

How fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to experience the Yoga 101 retreat at Ubud Aura in magical Bali.  To say it was amazing would be understating the lasting and positive effect those 7 days have had on me.  Every last detail was carefully and thoughtfully considered to ensure each day is balanced with just the right amount of quiet time, yoga, amazing food, contemplation, laughter,experience and discovery.  It actually feels like it has changed my perspective in life.  How I think and feel about myself, how I think and feel about others.
Highly recommended,

Thank you so much again for such a very special time in Bali.  My soul is full of gratitude and joy for the many wonderful experiences we shared.

For me the Yoga 101 Bali Retreat was a beautiful way to renew, refresh and transform my body, mind and spirit. It was a retreat that gave you time to re-balance and reconnect with your inner self and at the same time allowed you to experience the wonderful culture and lifestyles of the Balinese.  There was plenty of free time to just hangout by the pool or you could spend your time shopping and interacting with the locals.  Our yoga practice along with philosophy was full and varied in a space that was truly amazing.  Michelle is an incredible and nurturing yoga teacher and has put together a retreat that everyone can benefit from. 
For me a truly memorable experience made very special by the amazing people I shared it with.

Mary Rollo